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Well now that Emma and I are back from our trip to New Zealand, our focus is getting into the new house.

I can’t tell you how much of a pain moving is…

My better half and I couldn’t believe how we’ve managed to collect so many things over the years. It took nearly three days to get everything boxed up and we made quite a few trips to Goodwill!

I can’t wait until everything is in the new house and we can start getting things unpacked and back to a normal life.

Our trip home was great. I always love getting back there this time of year. I even had a pretty interesting experience renewing my driver’s license…

At the license bureau, they told me I would have to retake the written test. I thought the lady who authorizes the new license was joking though – thinking they say that to all the people who come in to get their license renewed. I smiled a bit until I realized she wasn't joking. I asked when, if I had to reschedule it, and she told me I could do it right then. I didn't have a clue as it had been years since I'd done a driver's test or anything like that. I got lucky and I barely passed.

I also had a pretty cool experience at our CanTeen event. Four years ago I met an 18-year old girl named Shylo at the Starship hospital in New Zealand who was facing a fierce battle with medulloblastoma, a highly malignant type of brain tumor. She is now in remission thankfully. She’s 22 now and made the trip up to the event when I was home and it was really cool to see her. You don't get to see people doing so well this often. It was probably the first time seeing things play out so well. The awesome thing is that she's a trained nanny too, so next time we bring our girls down we know who to call to look after them!

I hope everyone has a great and safe holiday season, and that we get some testing in soon! Seems like forever since I've been behind the wheel of the Indy car.

I can’t wait to be in the house and have family over for Christmas.

….until then…


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