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Well St. Petersburg bit us again. For some reason the Target team never gets a good start to the season there. We had an air jack problem during the pit stops and the rear of the car wouldn’t go up like it was supposed to so we spent a lot of time on pit lane. We had a decent car for the race but I had to avoid hitting the car in front of me at the start and the rear brakes locked up. It was all I could do to keep from crashing into everyone around me. It’s a shame because we had such a good test at Barber Motorsports Park prior to the first race.

It was also the first race with my new engineer Chris Simmons. It’s been really good even though it’s been a big change without my longtime engineer Eric Bretzman. He and I were together for 13 years, so it’s definitely different, but I respect Chris tons. With Chris it wasn’t a big change either, because he was with Eric in the early days and we cross-referenced with the 10 car a lot. It’s not like he’s a whole new person, so that has made it easy to adjust.

Overall it’s been pretty seamless. For the tough weekend we had, there were no annoying parts, no big issues or anything. The thing is that we always have the desire to win so we will learn from the first race and move forward.

On the bright side we did a lot of testing at NOLA so I think the team is prepared for the race this weekend. The track is fast and I think the series will put on a good show in a brand new market for Indy car racing.

Off the track Emma and I took the girls to Indianapolis Motor Speedway last weekend for their annual Easter egg hunt and the kids had a blast.

Hopefully we can get things pointed back in the right direction and get some good results and points in NOLA.

….until then…


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