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Things are starting to pick up for the Target team after a slow start to the season…it’s about time!

We had a huge win for the team in Sonoma last weekend. The Sonoma race weekend is the biggest of all the races for Target. There were a ton of new faces and there were over 400 guests attending the weekend. Not only did I get to meet a number of new people that support the race program on their big event Friday night, we got to see each other again in Victory Lane Sunday after the race!

I don’t think I’ve ever taken so many selfies in one day…everyone came down from to Target hospitality to join me and the No.9 team in Victory Lane. What a great weekend.

We had a really strong car and we nailed the strategy and got the fuel mileage we needed to make the pass for the lead with just three laps to go.

Between that and the No. 9 car being the fastest in the Fontana open test this week, I’m excited to get started this weekend in Fontana for the season finale.

Finally, I’m not big on records, but I’m honored and humbled to own a share of fifth place on the win list with Bobby Unser. He is a class act and I’m very fortunate for others to have mentioned me in the same breath as Bobby.

Here’s to a great weekend in Fontana to close out the race season!
….until then…
Enjoy the racing!

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